Bad luck for Luckin Coffee

It is the largest coffee shop chain in China and hopes to be the largest in the world, but things are not going as they thought. This year, Luckin Coffee («Starbucks of China») lost 1.764 million yuan, or about 251 million dollars, and the negative balance is 85.7 percent higher than last year. With the… Seguir leyendo Bad luck for Luckin Coffee

Report from Barcelona … and olé!

Two Argentine coroners tour the Barcelona Independent Coffee Festival and track specialty coffee in Catalonia and further afield. Chronicle with Jury Eze @ezejurado Photos by Mara Ventola @mikeandvictor ANDSaturday, November 2, was the last day and the closing of this four – edition coffee festival. It was made in long (This is how they call… Seguir leyendo Report from Barcelona … and olé!

Costa Rica: pura vida sa chupán

Grown in virgin areas of volcanic soil and tropical climate, it reaches Espressarte capsules of Cabrales: The limited edition coffee from Costa Rica gives the cup a floral aroma and a sweet taste. Born from a 100 percent Arabica variety, it is a typical representative of Tico coffee, as it is called Costa Rica native:… Seguir leyendo Costa Rica: pura vida sa chupán

The coffee patron

A moment of reflection: the café has a patron. And it is Saint Drogón, a saint born in the Belgian region of Flanders on March 14, 1105 and who reached the age of 81 (feat at the time) despite having fought his entire life against a brutal disease. Orphaned from a very young age, he… Seguir leyendo The coffee patron